Homemade Penis Stretcher

Is Do-It-Yourself Approach Worth it?

Life is too short to live with a short penis. So you should not worry about the one-time cost of purchasing a high-quality penis extender, just get one. Even better: follow our SizeGenetics Review and get one for completely FREE! Never go for cheap solutions that end up hurting you.

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Background. We are truly living in a new era of sexual health awareness. In fact, for the last decade we have been uncovering bits and pieces of information about sexual organs of both men and women – maybe more than we have in the whole previous century. Perhaps it is because of new attitudes about sex in the world, or because of advancing and easily accessible technology. Whatever the reason, at this time, we now know how to permanently increase the size of the penis without going “under the knife”.

This is truly a breakthrough, considering the fact that almost every man on planet earth (and perhaps even those guys on the International Space Station) wouldn’t mind packing a bigger Johnson.

So what is this method? The answer is called “penis extender” or “penis stretcher”. It actually works a lot like stretching out your tendons and muscles before and after a workout, and was originally developed to cure Peyronie’s Disease. It wasn’t long before men realized that it dramatically increased the size of the penis by up to 20%. That’s a staggering number, but the cost is often what drives men to make a homemade penis stretcher.

The Dangers Involved

There is a rather large temptation to find parts that cost you about $25 rather than paying $250 for a professionally made one, however, this is probably not a good idea.

Penis extender devices were originally developed as a precision instrument, and they require highly refined equipment to make. In addition to that, those who sell these stretchers, have a very intimate knowledge of penile anatomy, knowing where to apply pressure and especially where not to.

For instance, many men like to wear penis rings, but there have been cases where men have worn them for too long, and cut circulation to the penis. In the worst case, this can actually cause a need for amputation, because they effectively “killed” that part of the body. While the penis is made for action, it is best to leave precision medical equipment manufacturing to professionals. A homemade penis stretcher may save you money, but at what cost?

Still Rather Cheap

Believe it or not, deciding to let go of the idea of a homemade penis stretcher may actually save you money on surgeries and other health woes. There is a possibility of impotence from using a homemade penis stretcher, and the cost may be far worse than just a few dollars.

However, there are brands like SizeGenetics that offer a medically precise, ergonomic device for a little over $250. Now, this may sound costly, but you have actually a few good options here. First, check our discounts page – we usually have coupon codes that save even up to 50$ on your purchase. Secondly, you can get this top notch device practically completely FREE. Get it (use the discount of course) and submit your review after getting results – which you will get. They’ll give you your money back! With this device, you can know for certain that you will be completely safe, and that it is going to be very effective. They will also throw in other add-ons as well, such as instructional DVD’s and educational materials. With SizeGenetics, you will be receiving a complete penis health package, which is a far cry from a homemade penis stretcher.

homemade extender

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